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Cranberry and Cami's Story!

About Us

These are my cats Cami(left) and Cranberry(right).

In 2016, my mother passed away and I was very sad.

We were very close and I missed her a lot.

About 2 months later, my daughter had

us baby sit a rescue kitten, Peanut, and it made

me so happy. I never had a cat before! It was only

for 4 days, but really felt warm and loved by this kitten.

So I decided to adopt a kitten for myself.

That kitten was Cranberry and I got her from the Humane Society.

She was always with me and close to me and it was very 

special for me. She definitely rescued me from my sorrow.

I believe that she is the Angel my mother sent for me.

After Cranberry was 1 yr old, I thought about 

getting another cat so she would have a friend.

I looked and tried to find one, and even asked my

friends. They said don't look so hard, the cat will

find you.

One night, my husband came home with a 

little 2 month old kitten he had rescued from getting 

hit by a truck. This was Cami, and she was so cute with

her bob tail and I loved her so much as well. 

Slowly and surely, they got to know each other and love

each other. I realized my friend was right, my cat came 

to me. 

I always loved buying collars and toys for them, all the time. 

Then, I thought maybe I can make something for them. 

So I started making bandanas, then collars, then bows, etc. 

It was so relaxing for me and fun to make something for them 

and see them wear it. Even, though I rescued these cats in all

reality these cats have rescued me. They give me so much peace 

and the opportunity to make these accessories.

So I decided to create these for everyone and to share them so you can 

enjoy these with your cat as well. 

I wish you and your pets many happy memories.

Camberry Designs 

We support our local pet rescue!

We are dedicated to supporting pets!

We  donate portions of our proceeds to our local pet rescue here in GA! We also donate some of our pet accessories to our local pet rescue here in GA as well!